Author: thegoodstuff

EP 3 : Mike Smith – ZeroCo

He hates the term but Mike really is a serial entrepreneur, the guy is so full of energy its infectious He created a fit bit device for surfers that was part of a bidding war and was eventually acquired by Billabong, started a charity that has built two schools in Myanmar, created a wine brand […]

A Positive Podcast

Climate change can be so overwhelming that sometimes you just want to hear The Good Stuff, because when you create hope you can inspire action. This podcast is all about positive action, fun chats with curious cats who are all doing their part in changing the world and our environment.

EP1: Richard Fine – BioPak

In the first episode of the podcast we are joined by Founder & Sustainability Director of BioPak, Richard Fine, BioPAK is an award-winning and leading supplier of compostable single-use packaging  and also happens to be a B-Corp.Richard migrated here from South Africa and he shares with us his journey to start the company, what drives […]