EP 2: Warren & Christina – ClearSky Solar Investments

From a $60 thousand dollar grant this non profit has raised over 8million for solar installations.

Warren & Christina step you through how they started with the clean energy for eternity and grew into ClearSky Solar Investments, taking you through the history and also the mechanics of how it all works.

We also discuss;

How you can invest in solar projects,

The impact you can have as a local councilor

What power purchase agreements are

Christina is an organizational psychologist so she touches on what is needed to get society as a whole to change and tipping points. We also have great discussions on the individual impact we can all have and what it feels like to live your values.

And of course we also touch on Christina’s new passion – solar porn!

What I loved most about this was that these guys just decided that they wanted to do something and went out and found a way to do it. It feels like the kind of action we could all be capable of, it really got me moving.

It’s amazing to think that all of their projects are oversubscribed, as Warren notes, people want to put their money where it makes a difference, there is a big pent up demand for projects like this. Imagine what we could achieve if everyone who wanted to invest was able to?

I’m really intrigued to see if its possible to start a community energy grid in a big city like Sydney, getting us off the grid and sharing energy with each other is an amazing step forward. Its phenomenal to think that the 60 thousand roofs will solar panels goal that the northern beaches mayor has could already be enough to power the whole beaches area.

Would love to hear what you liked most about this episode, please jump on instagram and let me know.

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