EP 3 : Mike Smith – ZeroCo

He hates the term but Mike really is a serial entrepreneur, the guy is so full of energy its infectious

He created a fit bit device for surfers that was part of a bidding war and was eventually acquired by Billabong, started a charity that has built two schools in Myanmar, created a wine brand with his best mate that was on the AFR fast 100 3 years in a row and now his new project ZeroCO, most funded Kickstarter project

Its just like the milkman but reimagined.

These guys’ are Australia’s most funded Kickstarter project and its bloody exciting.

There is such a pent up demand for people doing good things – Aussies are ready for change and ready to put their money where there heart and mouth is.

You know the biggest thing I have been taking out of all the interviews so far and this one in particular is that we if we want to change our future we really have to start by changing the stories we tell, we have to back each other and support each other. It’s so easy to go down the wormhole of negativity and click bait media.

Of course we should all be cognizant of the very real and present danger that is facing us but in order to promote action we have to be positive

An idea might not be the final solution or solve all of the problems out there but if it’s a step in the right direction let’s all get behind it.

We can all be part of making this system we are in work – by being positivity and supportive, by backing businesses that are trying to make a difference and by doing so we prove that these businesses can also be profitable, scalable and have mainstream appeal.

So my big takeaway, which was rather challenging this week given my  Sydney bushfire smoke filled lungs, was be positive, its infectious and pit your money where your mouth is, change how you spend and what you buy and ask whether you need to buy at all.

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I hope you enjoy the episode and would love to hear what you got out of it.