EP1: Richard Fine – BioPak

In the first episode of the podcast we are joined by Founder & Sustainability Director of BioPak, Richard Fine, BioPAK is an award-winning and leading supplier of compostable single-use packaging  and also happens to be a B-Corp.Richard migrated here from South Africa and he shares with us his journey to start the company, what drives him and how our world of waste and plastic is having an impact on us and our environment and what we can do about it, he also tells us why a crisis can actually be a good thing.

The major takeaways for me were: 1. Never waste a crisis, China refusing the worlds waste has resulted in real momentum and awareness locally about our waste and recycling problems, now we seize that moment for real change 2. Plastic has its place, but that place isn’t single use food packaging that has an average life/use span of 20mins 3. Find your people, you often need a yin and a yang, and like Richard I think we all need to find our ‘Gary’, someone with a complementary skillset who will drive our project forward in ways that we could never foresee.

Resources and Links




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